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RotorLib FDM for MATLAB is here.

Simulink Attitude Hold

We are pleased to announce the first non-beta release of our new product RotorLib FDM for MATLAB. As the name implies, it is our high fidelity helicopter flight dynamics model (RotorLib FDM) for MATLAB. If you are using MATLAB or Simulink, you can click this link to download your evaluation copy.

With RotorLib FDM for MATLAB, now it becomes one step easier to build control system and auto pilot laws to control helicopters. The Simulink block library provides a drag-and-drop block which simulates a generic helicopter. This block is a great tool for all helicopter flight dynamics students and control system engineers who are looking for a good helicopter dynamics model for their studies. A fast trim finder and examples including linearization and attitude control are available.

Details are here.