Monthly Archives: July 2010


New video featuring state save/load capabilities of RTDynamics Simulation Library

RTDynamics Simulation Library introduced a new feature that allows developers to save and load the physical state of a simulation entity (vehicles and bots). Developers can get a state snapshot at any moment during the simulation. The state snapshot can be in a binary or human-readable text format.

State snapshots can be:

  • saved to files, loaded from files
  • transmitted over network
  • transmitted over shared memory

The feature is used for several purposes:

  • saving and loading scenarios
  • comparison of vehicle/virtual bot configuration differences (see video)
  • model development/debugging

All RTDynamics products take advantage of this new feature.

The feature is available in version 3.1.1 of the RTDynamics simulation library. As usual, customers who have maintenance can download and use the new version without any extra costs.


New Helicopter Trim Solver Example for RotorLib FDM for MATLAB

Output of the helicopter trim exampleWe have just released a new version of RotorLib FDM for MATLAB. This release contains bug fixes and improvements to our fast general purpose helicopter trim solver (the rlTrimHeli function). We also added a new trim example and two new output ports to the Simulink block to publish main and tail rotor power and rpm values from the simulation.

If you are using MATLAB or Simulink, you can click this link to download your evaluation copy.