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Unity Integration

FixedWingLib CGF is now available in Unity via a thin DLL layer. This makes using FixedWingLib CGF aircraft in Unity C# scripts possible. So far the basic functionality is exposed to the DLL/Unity interface:

  • aircraft instantiation as regular Unity game objects
  • simple mission tasks such as waypoint/route following
  • typical high level FixedWingLib CGF controls like basic flight
  • joystick control
  • turbulence and wind

Extending the DLL and exposing more functionality to Unity scripts is quite straightforward. Please contact for the source code.

Initial speed and turbulence severity
Initial speed and turbulence severity
Multiple FixedWingLib CGF aircraft can be easily added to the scene. 3d model or camera can be attached to the aircraft,which is a regular Unity game object anyway.
Scenario specific tasking is placed into a separate script. This one allows joystick flight for the jet and defines and activates a simple route for the tanker aircraft.