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Announcing RTDynamics SDK Release 6

We are proud to announce the immediate availability of RTDynamics C++ SDK Release 6. This major release includes several new features and bug fixes.

What’s New?

FixedWingLib CGF

• The first version of Virtual Flight, an application which allows users to fly test flight dynamics models, is part of this release.
• FixedWingLib CGF aircraft support trim function now
• New maneuver maximum roll angle control parameter
• CGF aircraft entities can now automatically create their virtual pilots.
• Improved CML pursuit controller

RotorLib FDM

• Rime, a GUI tool which allows engineers to build helicopter models much easier, is part of this release.
• The first version of Virtual Flight, an application which allows users to fly test flight dynamics models, is part of this release
• Multirotor (e.g. quadcopter) support with the new helicopter dynamics model GenHeli700.
• Improved AutoPilot take-off and heading-hold modes

RotorLib CGF

• CGF helicopter entities can now automatically create their virtual pilots.


• Weapon entities can now automatically create their control systems

SDK (common to all products)

• Kinematic Vehicle class now supports dead-reckoning
• XML processing capability is now exposed in the API.
• A brand new trajectory following auto pilot mode


RotorLib FDM R6 now runs real-time in Simulink

For RotorLib Simulink users out there, we are happy to announce (finally!) that RotorLib can now run in real-time in Simulink. RTDynamics team has invested significant time and effort into optimizing the way RotorLib runs inside Simulink. This will allow you to test your control system models directly in Simulink with a RotorLib helicopter.



RotorLib FDM R6 Virtual Flight

R6 includes, for the first time, the Virtual Flight tool which we have made available to some select customers in the recent months. Virtual Flight is now an essential tool for any RotorLib user. It allows you to:

  • load helicopter model files
  • fly them in real time
  • save and load states (e.g. hover or forward speed at 100 Knots)
  • activate/deactivate autopilot modes
  • log simulation runs
  • and watch as simulation output data changes in real-time



RotorLib FDM R6 Multirotor Support

We have added RotorLib a new (7th generation) helicopter model in R6. The new model GenHeli700 comes with two major new improvements

  • it supports tandem and coaxial configurations by allowing modeling of rotor interference with each other, stabilizers and fuselage more accurately.
  • it is now possible to model multi-rotor UAV’s. We have added a new 4 rotor drone example to RotorLib installer.

Both Rime (the new editor) and the Virtual Flight tool support multiple rotors.

All 4 electric motors and rotors of the quadcopter are displayed on the tree.
Rime allows editing of all rotors and electric models of the quadcopter. Click play to launch the model in Virtual Flight.



New video of Virtual Flight and Rime from RotorLib R6


FixedWingLib CGF aircraft now in Virtual Flight