FixedWingLib Beta 1 is out !

Here is a short overview first.

What’s Fixed Wing Lib ?
FixedWingLib includes a general purpose fixed wing flight dynamics model which can be used in flight training devices and other simulation applications. Major features :

  • 6 DOF Reconfigurable Flight Dynamics Model
  • Steering and landing gears
  • Runway friction model
  • Basic control system for stability augmentation
  • Animation API (for animation of control surfaces, gear and other mechanical frames)

What is FixedWingLib Beta Program ?

With the Beta Program, you can get early access to the FixedWingLib C++ Flight Dynamics package. You can add it to your applications. and deliver to customers. We will ask you for your opinion and provide you also with technical support.

To join the beta program, simply fill out this form.

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