RotorLibFDM Shipdeck Takeoff


USB Dongles on Linux

RTDynamics products can be unlocked with a USB Dongle as well as a file based node locked license. On Windows using the USB Dongle is straightforward, attaching the USB Dongle to any USB slot is sufficient, no further setup is necessary. However on Linux, some one-time-setup is necessary, for which we provide shell scripts. Please contact support with the version information of your Linux distribution to get the script.

The USB Dongle support is available on Linux starting with the 4.1.Beta4 release.


If you see error messages on the console related to dongle not being detected, you may check the following and contact support with your findings:

  • Type “lsusb | grep 0e50”, this command shall output the following (device and bus ids may change, that is OK):

    Bus 001 Device 007: ID 0e50:0002

  • Type “ls -alF /dev/bus/usb/001/007”, replace 001 with the Bus id and the 007 with the device id from the output of lsusb. The file must exists and the permissions must be “crw-rw-rw”.
  • Type “ls -alF /etc/udev/scripts/matrix-rule-handler”, the file must exist.
  • Type “ls -alF /etc/udev/rules.d/99-matrix.rules”, the file must exist.

Patch available for using RotorLib FDM for MATLAB v3 with newer versions of MATLAB

Title says it all. We have made a patch available for using RotorLib FDM for MATLAB v3 with newer versions of MATLAB such as 2011a.  Please contact support to get your download link.


Using v3 and v4 licenses side by side on the same computer

It is possible to use RTDynamics v3 and RTDynamics v4 on the same computer, but setting the environment variable RTDYNAMICS_LICENSE to point to a different license file each time is tedious. v4 introduces a new environment variable called RTDYNAMICS_LICENSE_FILE_V4 which makes it unnecessary to change environment variable RTDYNAMICS_LICENSE.

Simply set the environment variable RTDYNAMICS_LICENSE to point to the license file which you have received for your RTDynamics v3 (or RotorLib FDM for MATLAB/Simulink v3) download.


Set the environment variable RTDYNAMICS_LICENSE_V4 to point to the license file which you have received for your RTDynamics v4 download.


Updated Whitepapers

Our white-papers are a great way to get detailed technical information about RotorLib and FixedWingLib product lines. We have just updated the white-papers to include the new features from the new version 4. You can  download the new whitepapers here: RotorLib FDM Whitepaper RotorLib CGF Whitepaper and FixedWingLib FDM Whitepaper.


Blank pages in CHM Files

If you have downloaded any CHM help files from the internet, the help pages may be displayed blank by the help viewer. Fixing this problem is easy:

  • Browse to the folder where the chm file is located with Windows Explorer
  • Select the file with the right mouse button
  • Select Properties from the context  mouse menu
  • Click “Unblock” in the “General” tab

OpenSceneGraph Integration

Often, RotorLib and FixedWingLib developers use OpenSceneGraph for their visualization applications. Below we have summarized a few points which are useful for OSG integrations. read more »


RotorLib FDM for MATLAB – New Version!

We have just released a new version of RotorLib for MATLAB and Simulink. This release adds:

  • A new version of the RotorLib FDM Simulink block which adds new output ports for main and tail rotor induced velocities
  • A WCS to BCS Simulink block which can be used to convert a vector in WCS frame to a vector in BCS.
  • A MATLAB function called rlSetWindVelocity which allows specifying a constant wind acting on a helicopter.
  • and a bug fix to the License Tool.

Click this link to download your evaluation copy.


New video featuring state save/load capabilities of RTDynamics Simulation Library

RTDynamics Simulation Library introduced a new feature that allows developers to save and load the physical state of a simulation entity (vehicles and bots). Developers can get a state snapshot at any moment during the simulation. The state snapshot can be in a binary or human-readable text format.

State snapshots can be:

  • saved to files, loaded from files
  • transmitted over network
  • transmitted over shared memory

The feature is used for several purposes:

  • saving and loading scenarios
  • comparison of vehicle/virtual bot configuration differences (see video)
  • model development/debugging

All RTDynamics products take advantage of this new feature.

The feature is available in version 3.1.1 of the RTDynamics simulation library. As usual, customers who have maintenance can download and use the new version without any extra costs.


New Helicopter Trim Solver Example for RotorLib FDM for MATLAB

Output of the helicopter trim exampleWe have just released a new version of RotorLib FDM for MATLAB. This release contains bug fixes and improvements to our fast general purpose helicopter trim solver (the rlTrimHeli function). We also added a new trim example and two new output ports to the Simulink block to publish main and tail rotor power and rpm values from the simulation.

If you are using MATLAB or Simulink, you can click this link to download your evaluation copy.