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RTDynamics SDK Release 5 The Next Generation

RTDynamics team is proud to announce the immediate availability of RTDynamics C++ SDK Release 5. This major release includes tons of new features and bug fixes and is our biggest update ever.

What’s New?

RotorLib FDM
• 25% faster than previous release
• A new vortex ring state model
• A brand new trajectory following auto pilot mode

RotorLib CGF
• 10% faster than previous release
• 3 different joystick flight models
• 6DOF flight dynamics is now even more realistic
• Various maneuvers improvements

FixedWingLib CGF
• 13% faster than previous release
• Various maneuvers improvements
• New true airspeed support

FixedWingLib FDM
• A completely new aircraft flight dynamics model
• New generic programmable aerodynamics model
• Trimming

EWAWS New Product!
• Physics based simulation models for RADAR, IR, counter-measures, missiles, bomb


RotorLib FDM for MATLAB is here.

Simulink Attitude Hold

We are pleased to announce the first non-beta release of our new product RotorLib FDM for MATLAB. As the name implies, it is our high fidelity helicopter flight dynamics model (RotorLib FDM) for MATLAB. If you are using MATLAB or Simulink, you can click this link to download your evaluation copy.

With RotorLib FDM for MATLAB, now it becomes one step easier to build control system and auto pilot laws to control helicopters. The Simulink block library provides a drag-and-drop block which simulates a generic helicopter. This block is a great tool for all helicopter flight dynamics students and control system engineers who are looking for a good helicopter dynamics model for their studies. A fast trim finder and examples including linearization and attitude control are available.

Details are here.


Using RotorLib and FixedWingLib with your own control systems

FixedWingLib FDM and RotorLib FDM respectively model fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft. They also include control system building blocks and ready to use control systems within the aircraft models (GenAirplane100 and GenHeli500).

Those models (both C++ classes indeed) are ready to use models which simulate generic aircraft. They can be used as they are for general purpose simulations or they can be customized with the XML files to simulate a type specific aircraft. You can go even more and change the models to simulate non-conventional aircraft configurations.

Some of our users however need just the aircraft model, just a model of the aircraft without any control system or stability augmentation system for their own control algorithm development.

This is pretty straight forward with FixedWingLib FDM and RotorLib FDM. Below we describe the most common 3 steps of this modeling effort.

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FlightSim Demo – The Final Touches

Our work on “Flight Simulation Demo” is almost complete. Our partnership with Trian Graphics GmbH pays off slowly. We have integrated their database into our demo and the demo looks much better with a realistic terrain database.

If you wish to download this demo, please fill out the Beta Program membership form.

For the screenshot gallery, please visit FS Demo Gallery


Flight Simulator Demo

Both RotorLib and FixedWinglib are for building pilot-in-the-loop flight simulation applications. Until now, a complete demo which shows the capabilities of our products has been missing.

We are glad to annouce that we are working a new demo which does exactly that. You will be able to select one of the available scenarios such as final approach, taxi&take off or emergency situations like engine failure. The demo will include both fixed wing aircraft and rotary aircraft. We will probably have 2 aircrafts in the first version Airbus A310 and UH60.

The demo will be available with the 3rd Beta of FixedWingLib in a few weeks.


Airbus A310 Landing

Wind is an important part of any flight simulation model. And landing/take off is probably the most critical maneuver if strong wind is involved. To show the capabilities of the FixedWingLib, we have simulated a landing maneuver of an A310 against strong lateral wind.

Below you can find the high resolution version of the videos:

Heavy Crosswind Landing


Take off


Gear Retraction


Introducing FixedWingLib Beta Program Blog

As you have probably noticed, we have a new blog, which is dedicated to the FixedWingLib beta program. We plan to share a good amount of information related to our fixed wing realtime flight simulation middleware.

If you wish to join the beta program to get early access to the SDK and use the FixedWingLib flight dynamics in your simulations, please follow this link.


FixedWingLib Beta 1 is out !

Here is a short overview first.

What’s Fixed Wing Lib ?
FixedWingLib includes a general purpose fixed wing flight dynamics model which can be used in flight training devices and other simulation applications. Major features :

  • 6 DOF Reconfigurable Flight Dynamics Model
  • Steering and landing gears
  • Runway friction model
  • Basic control system for stability augmentation
  • Animation API (for animation of control surfaces, gear and other mechanical frames)

What is FixedWingLib Beta Program ?

With the Beta Program, you can get early access to the FixedWingLib C++ Flight Dynamics package. You can add it to your applications. and deliver to customers. We will ask you for your opinion and provide you also with technical support.

To join the beta program, simply fill out this form.