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Using RotorLib and FixedWingLib with your own control systems

FixedWingLib FDM and RotorLib FDM respectively model fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft. They also include control system building blocks and ready to use control systems within the aircraft models (GenAirplane100 and GenHeli500).

Those models (both C++ classes indeed) are ready to use models which simulate generic aircraft. They can be used as they are for general purpose simulations or they can be customized with the XML files to simulate a type specific aircraft. You can go even more and change the models to simulate non-conventional aircraft configurations.

Some of our users however need just the aircraft model, just a model of the aircraft without any control system or stability augmentation system for their own control algorithm development.

This is pretty straight forward with FixedWingLib FDM and RotorLib FDM. Below we describe the most common 3 steps of this modeling effort.

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